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Alfen EVE Single S-Line


Alfen EVE Single S-Line is designed to offer genuine smart functionality for home charging. The compact casing contains a charging indicator lamp and can be mounted to a wall or pole to offer a plug & play solution. It is available as a charging contact, or connected by a cable including cable storage. Internet connectivity is via ethernet, with online usage data available from our own management system or the one chosen by third parties.

Alfen EVE Single S-Line 


A compact, single charging station that offers a truly smart home charging function

Mounted to the wall the Single S is at its best

Designed for home integration and maximum charging speed

Smart functionality at a competitive price

Even on the fence the Single S can sparkle

Made to endure: robust, safe and reliable

Choose and change management system easily

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Alfen

Model: Eve Sigle S-line

Connector type: Socket SAE J1772 Type 1 (selected S-line models only) or IEC 62196

Type 2 (selected S-line models only)

Dimensions: 373 x 242 x 138mm

Electrical characteristics

Rated power: 1-phase products: 7.4 kW, S-line 3-phase: 11 kW

Rated courent: 32A per phase

Rated Voltage: 230 V, 1-phase products 400 V (3x230 V), 3-phase products

Rated frequency: 50 Hz

Operating temperature: -25°C to 55°C

Communication & Interface

Connectivity: GPRS 2G (selected S-line models only) LTE Cat M1 4G (selected S-line models only) Ethernet/LAN

Supported mobile communication bands: 2G: EGPRS quad-band: 850 / 900

Weight: Approx. 4 kg

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

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