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Kempower portable charger

The Portable Charger is a versatile solution for various EV charging needs. It’s a Plug & Play DC fast charger that can be effortlessly relocated to meet your charging requirements, whether it’s a temporary or stationary setup.​

Kempower moveable charger

Versatile EV Charging with Kempower Portable Charger

Kempower Portable Charger is ideal for various locations and doesn’t require a fixed installation. Kempower Portable Charger is easily movable and ergonomic

It is weatherproof and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It can handle dirt, water, dust, snow

The intuitive and universal touch screen guarantees a simple charging experience for everyone from beginners to the most experienced EV drivers

This charger has a dual charging option for charging two vehicles at the same time, with 40 kW of pure charging power or 20 kW from each charging channel

Kempower charger is suitable for 63 A and 32 A sockets. Also, CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and Type 2

It has a loud connection for wireless software updates and superior data management

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Kempower

Model: Portable Charger

Connection: CHAdeMO CCS1 2 x CCS1 CCS1 & CHAdeMO

Dimensions: Ca. 25.1 x 47.9 x 26 in

Weight: 1 charging cable Ca. 309–331 lb. 2 charging cables Ca. 353–397 lb.

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Electrical characteristics

Input current: 80 A (CCS1) 125 A (CHAdeMO), 150 A (CCS1)

Input voltage: 380…480 VAC +6%/-10%

Power factor: 0.92

Output power : Up to 50kW

Nominal output power at 480 VAC: 50 kW (with 2 outputs: Dynamic 50 kW one output or 25 kW per output at 480 VAC and 400 VDC)

Communication & Interface

Connections & Protocols:   WiFi, Cellular / GPS, Ethernet, OCPP, Kempower ChargEye solution

Output current: 2 x 63 A, 1 x 125 A

Output voltage: 150…500 VDC

Operating temperature: −22  to 122 °F

Humidity: < 95% relative humidity

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