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Hypercharger HYC 150

The hypercharger line is the most compact and powerful solution on the market. It is absolutely future-proof in terms of norms, future standards and all new electric vehicle designs.


Hypercharger HYC 150 features

Hypercharger is 100% Alpitronic

Maximum output current up to 500 A

Future-proof wide output voltage range from 150V to 1000V

Up to two vehicle outlets possible (CCS and CHAdeMO)

Full power capability even at lowest vehicle battery voltage (300V)

Highly integrated system in a compact design

Scalable power due to hypercharger power stack concept

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Alpitronic

Model: HYC 75-150

Connection: CCS2/CHAdeMO

Cable length: 3.5 m or 5 m

Dimensions: 2235 x 420 x 663 mm (footprint)

Weight: 325 kg up to 462 kg

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Warranty: 2 years standard up to 5 years with warranty extension (optional)

Electrical characteristics

Input current: 233 A, maximum 250 A

Input voltage: 3x 230 V (400 V) / 50 Hz

THDi: <5%

Power factor: >0.99

Standby consumption: <60W

Output power : 75 kW (one Power-Stack), max. 250 A 150 kW (two Power-Stacks), max. 500 A

Output current: max 500A

Output voltage: 150 Vdc - 1000 Vdc

Operating temperature: -30°C to 55°C

Communication & Interface

Connectivity: 2G/3G/4G GSM-/CDMA modem, 10/100Base T-ethernet

RFID system: ISO/IEC 14443A: MIFARE Classic EV1, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Mini, MIFARE DESFire EV1 , MIFARE Plus S, X, MIFARE Pro X, MIFARE Smart MX1), MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C, MIFARE Ultralight EV1 , NTAG2xx, PayPass, SLE44R35, SLE66Rxx (my-d move), LEGIC Advant

User interface: 15.6” display, 4 buttons

Humidity: 0% - 95% relative

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