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Autel Armet Mobility

Autel believes in the power of innovation and the importance of versatility. This brand lives at the intersection of technology and practicality, making the most advanced energy solutions accessible and convenient for residential and commercial applications.

Autetl maxicharger


The MaxiCharger AC Elite Home 50A AC Hardwired EV Charger is a 240V-50 Amp Level 2 EV Smart Charger compatible with all EV and Hybrid Plug-in vehicles. It features a sleek contemporary design in dark gray with in-body holster and is installable indoors or outdoors.


Big power and big value in a compact package with an output of 47kW, the DC Compact is great for businesses who need shorter charging times with Direct Current but don’t require a high-speed solution.

Autel Compact DC 47
MaxiCharger DC 60-240


MaxiCharger DC 60-240 Ultra-fast DC charging potential. Meant for charge point operators and businesses who have high volume charging needs. 

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