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Alfen is both the core and the linking pin of the electricity grid, providing transformer stations, energy storage systems, charging stations for electric vehicles as well as a range of other products and services.



Eve Double Pro-line is a compact dual-socket charger that offers smart functionality primarily for professional charging.


The Eve Single Pro-line is a compact, single-slot charger that offers smart functionality for home and business charging.

Eve Single Pro Alfen
Alfen EV Charging Eve Single S-line


The Eve Single S-line is designed to offer genuine smart functionality for home charging. The compact casing contains a charging indicator lamp and can be mounted to a wall or pole to offer a plug & play solution.


Alfen Twin is designed for communal and public spaces with 3-phase power. It is protected by a stainless steel metal housing that makes it resistant to shocks and weather conditions.

Alfen Twin 4XL
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