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MaxiCharger DC 60-240

MaxiCharger DC 60-240 Ultra-fast DC

MaxiCharger DC 60-240 Ultra-fast DC charging potential. Meant for charge point operators and businesses who have high volume charging needs. 

MaxiCharger DC 60-240 features

Experience the Ultimate in Cost-effectiveness with AC Compact: Small in size, yet boasting up to 22KW AC charging power

Dual-ports provide up to 47kW of power

Ultra-compact with big DC power in a small package

User-friendly 21.5-inch LCD touch screen

Charge 2 vehicles simultaneously

A trolley version design provides a portable possibility.

Communicate, promote or attract customers generating new revenue streams

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Autel 

Model: Maxicharger DC Fast 60KW-240KW

Connection: Dual CCS1/CCS1 Boost, or CCS1 + CHAdeMO

Dimensions: 1950 x 820 x 700 mm

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Warranty: 24 Months with Warranty Extensions Available

Electrical characteristics

Input current: 213 - 365 A

Input voltage: 80 V AC - 15 % to +10 %  60 Hz

Power factor: >0.98

Output power : 60 kW - 240 kW

Output voltage: CCS1: 150 to 950 V DC; CHAdeMO: 150 to 500 V DC

Operating temperature: -31 °F to +131 °F

Humidity: < 95% 

Communication & Interface

Connectivity: Internet Access Via 4G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet (RJ 45)

RFID system: ISO 14443 A+B to Part 4 & ISO/IEC 15693, Mifare, NFC, Calypso, Ultralight, PayPass, HID & More

User interface: 27” LCD High-Contrast Touchscreen (15.6” Optional)

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