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Kempower power unit Armet Mobility e-mobility partner

Kempower Power Unit is the scalable and modular solution for delivering up to 600 kW of total charging power to up to 8 Kempower Satellites dynamically.

Scale your CPU to meet your needs now, and in the future

Enjoy on-demand power routing. CPU cabinets can route a selected number of power channels to a single outlet or multiple

Our CPU’s structure demands minimal maintenance. A maintenance toolset is available in the ChargEye Advanced Level connected service package

Selected power electronics topology enables that same cabinet build can be multiplied consisting of 1 – 3 identical cabinets to fulfill each need.

The combination of intelligent CPUs and ChargEye provides the tools you need to optimize business​

Individually configured – ideal for growing electric fleets

The module is the core of all Kempower Power Units. Indeed, each module packs 40 kW of charging power, but function individually.

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Kempower

Model: Power Unit

Connection: Dual CCS1/CCS1 Boost, or CCS1 + CHAdeMO


C501: 650 x 2195 x 841 mm

C502: 1250 x 2195 x 841 mm C503: 1850 x 2195 x 841 mm

Weight: 280kg - 1200kg

Electrical characteristics

Input voltage: 380...480 VAC +6%/-10%

Output voltage: 150...1000 VDC

Power factor: 0.92

Humidity: < 95% 

Standby power: C501: 50 W, C502: 100 W, C503: 150 W

Operating temperature: -30˚C to 50˚C

Communication & Interface

Connections & Protocols:  WiFi, Cellular / GPS, Ethernet, OCPP, Kempower ChargEye solution

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Kempower satelitte

Kempower Satelite Armet Mobility e-mobility partner

Designed to provide a premium EV charging user experience, it is equipped with a unique cable support system to make handling the charging cable easier. This makes it the optimal choice for tight parking areas.

Kempower satelitte  features

Kempower Satellites deliver an exceptional EV driver experience

Our spring-assisted cable support system and user-friendly touch screen encourage repeat charging visits

The Kempower Satellite delivers up to 400 kW at 500 A for faster charging, catering to high-capacity EVs and BEV trucks

Due to the slim design and the modularity, it has outstanding power vs. footprint ratio. The output of each charging pole can be up to 100 kW, 5 times as high as a standard charging pole of the same size.

Kempower Satellite Charging System offers flexibility with up to 80 meters of separation, ideal for space-restricted areas like parking halls or near walls​​

Kempower Satellite has a loud connection for wireless software updates and superior data management

On-screen QR code for following the charging status on your mobile phone

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Kempower

Model: Satellite

Connection: CCS1, 2 x CCS1, CCS1 & CHAdeMO, CHAdeMO

Dimensions: 11.8 x 59.8 x 11.8 in.

Weight: 146 lb - 284 lb

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Electrical characteristics

Input current:                   

125 A (CHAdeMO),

200 A (CCS1), 300 A (CCS1)

Standby consumption: 25 W

Output power : Up to 280kW

Output current: max 500A

Output voltage: Max. 1000 VDC

Operating temperature: -22°F to 122 °F

Humidity: < 95% relative humidity

Communication & Interface

Connections & Protocols:  WiFi, Cellular / GPS, Ethernet, OCPP, Kempower ChargEye solution

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