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Wallbox Quasar

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More power to you

Το Wallbox Quasar σχεδιάστηκε για να μετατρέπει τα ηλεκτρικά οχήματα σε ισχυρές πηγές ενέργειας. Η τεχνολογία αμφίδρομης φόρτισης σας επιτρέπει να φορτίζετε και να εκφορτίζετε το ηλεκτρικό σας αυτοκίνητο, επιτρέποντάς σας να τροφοδοτείτε το σπίτι σας ή το δίκτυο με ενέργεια από την μπαταρία του αυτοκινήτου σας. Με το Quasar, η μπαταρία του EV σας δεν είναι μόνο για την οδήγηση, αλλά σας δίνει επίσης επιπλέον ενέργεια για να τροφοδοτήσετε τη ζωή σας.

Wallbox Quasar features

Warranty extension by one or three years. So you can enjoy using your Wallbox to the maximum extent without worrying about anything.

Connects to your smart devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or 4G (optional).

Quasar's proprietary bidirectional technology allows you to charge and discharge your EV, converting it into an energy storage unit that can replace or add capacity to a home battery. Use your EV to power your home, or vert energy back into the grid.

Don’t worry about connectivity blackspots in your garage or parking spot. By using bluetooth, Quasar lets you manage your charge even when you can’t connect to the internet.

The world’s lightest and smallest DC charger, and the only one designed for the home. With features like facial recognition and gesture control, it’s easy to operate your charger.

Schedule charging sessions to benefit from off-peak energy rates, monitor your charger status and more through the myWallbox app.

Improve your charger intelligence with our dynamic load management solution to avoid blackouts and surprise energy bills. It will measure your home’s live energy usage and automatically adjusts the charge to your EV in harmony with your local grid’s capacity.

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Wallbox

Model: Quasar

Connection: Type 2

Cable length: 5m

Dimensions: 350x350x150 mm

Weight: 20kg

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Warranty: 3 years

Electrical characteristics

Rated power: 7.4kW

Rated current: 6 A to 32 A

Rated Voltage: 230 V ± 10%

Rated frequency: 50 Hz

Operating temperature: -25°C to 40°C

Communication & Interface

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, 3G/4G

User identification: RFID, Face Recognition, myWallbox App

Charger Status: Colour Screen, RGB LEDs

User interface:  Gesture Recognition, myWallbox App

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