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Wallbox Supernova

Wallbox supernova Armet Mobility

Supernova is Wallbox’s next-generation DC fast-charger. Its higher efficiency and reliability maximize uptime, benefiting both electric vehicle drivers and charge point operators.With up to 150kW, it adds up to 100 km of range, enough to cover the average urban daily needs in under 7 minutes, to be ready while drivers enjoy a refreshment, run a quick errand or shop for groceries.

Wallbox Supernova features

Based on Quasar's patented technology, Supernova includes six power independent modules to ensure uptime even in the unlikely event of a single module failure.

Interactive light system and 10’’ sunlight-readable colour screen with IK10 rating for increased robustness.

Thanks to our end-user understanding, gained through years of delivering home
charging solutions, we provide the best possible fast charging experience. A seamless
experience attracts more drivers, increases turnover and reduces customer callbacks.

Maximizing uptime to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducingmaintenance costs. From our product design focused on reliability and serviceability to the use of real-time data to optimize maintenance and management.

Deliver more power with optimal resource utilization. Supernova requires up to half
the total investment compared to similar chargers, is a leader in terms of energy
efficiency and ensures easy installation and operation

Supernova integrates into any existing charging network and provides a futureproof solution, offering simple alternatives to increase its power as well as
compatibility with today’s and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

Supernova 60: Provides fast EV charging in urban areas, making it a convenient and reliable choice for public charging with the ability to provide 100 km of range in under 15 minutes.
Supernova 150: Offers ultra-fast charging for EVs, making it an ideal choice for public charging in both urban and interurban locations with the ability to provide 100 km of range in under 7 minutes.

General characteristics

Manufacturer: Wallbox

Model: Supernova

DC Connectors: CCS2+CCS2 / CCS2+CHAdeMO

Cable length: 3 m, 5 m

Dimensions: 2000x453x868 mm

Electrical characteristics

Rated power: 150 kW

Rated courent: 230 A

Rated Voltage: 150-1000 V

Rated frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Operating temperature: -30°C to 50°C

Communication & Interface

Connectivity: Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Space for external router

User identification: RFID, App

User interface: 10” Anti-vandal Colour Touch Display (sunlight readable), LED status lights

Weight: 400 kg

Protection Rates: IP54/IK10

Warranty: 3 years

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